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Limited Export and Reactive Power Control

According to the recent guideline documents released by some of the Australian utilities, solar systems installed may be required to have either reactive power control or zero export to the grid.
Depending on the utility requirement, active power limitation or zero export is not necessary providing the inverter has reactive power control capability.

If your utility requires your system to be on zero export, you can use SMA inverters each equipped with a power control module in conjunction with a third party programmable logic controller (PLC).
Please note that one PLC signal can support up to 5 inverters.

Adrian Ho, SMA Australia's Solar Academy trainer shows how you can use SMA products to meet these utility requirements.

The above video forms part of SMA Solar Technology Australia’s series of Training Videos which aim to deliver a better understanding of SMA Inverters and SMA Monitoring equipment for Clean Energy Council accredited photovoltaic installers.

For further information, please refer to the SMA Solar Academy.