1. Definitions

“Act” means the Renewable Energy (Electricity) Act 2000 (Cth);

“Approved Customers” have completed a credit check with Sol and have successfully completed the processing and STC creation associated with their first STC assignment form.

“Buyer” means a third party buyer that purchases STCs from Sol.

“Contract” means the contract governing the arrangements between Sol and you for the assignment of your customer’s STCs to Sol, which includes these terms and conditions, together with any Order, payment terms and any other terms which we tell you form part of the Contract;

“Created STC” means STCs that have been approved and registered by the CER and are available for sale or transfer.

“Day” means a day that is not a Saturday, Sunday or any other day which is a public holiday in Sydney, New South Wales.

“Discount Amount” is the dollar amount offered as a discount against the original purchase of equipment from Sol.

“GST” means the goods and services tax payable under or imposed by the GST Law.

“Our”, “us” or “we” means Sol Distribution ABN 53 146 905 286;

“Order” means any order relating to the sale of components from Sol Distribution to you which may contain an upfront STC discount.

“RCTI” means a recipient created tax invoice that is issued by Sol to you.

“REC Registry” means the internet based registry system operated by the CER.

“Regulator” means any organisation responsible for regulating the scheme responsible for the STCs or its appointed agent;

“STCs” means a Small Scale Technology Certificate (STC) as defined by the Act.

“Sale Price” means the total value of STCs associated with an STC assignment Form

“STC Form” means the form prepared by Sol Distribution which details the specifics of your customer, the system installation and the STCs eligible for creation on Sols' Rec-registry account.

“STC Price” means the price offered to you which is based upon a price published by Sol on the website and accepted by you at a particular point in time.

“System” means a solar power system which is eligible STCs;

“System Owner” means the person or entity which ultimately owns the system.

“Sol” means Sol Distribution Pty Ltd

“Sale Amount” means a sum paid by the Buyer to Sol in respect of STCs that you have assigned to Sol under these Terms of Use.

“Service” means the registration and creation of STCs as outlined on our website and within these Terms and Conditions.

“Website” means www.sol-distribution.com.au;

“You” and “Your” means the business customer of Sol Distribution who is involved with ordering equipment from Sol Distribution.

“Your Account” means your trading account held by Sol Distribution.

“Your Customer” means a person or business who is entitled to and receives the benefit of the System. The System Owner.

2. Process Overview

3. Contract

4. Conditions of STC Trading Service

5. Your obligations

6. STC Price

7. Payment of STCs

8. Disclosure of information

9. Warranties

10. Indemnity

11. Limitation of Liability

12. Notices

13. Amendments

14. Dispute Resolution

15. Governing Law