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ABB PVI-12.5TL-OUTD Inverter

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ABB PVI-12.5TL-OUTD Three Phase String Inverter

The ABB PVI-12.5TL-OUTD inverter is unique in terms of its ability to closely monitor and control the performance of the solar panels even if the solar insolation is very volatile. It also has a wide voltage input range that allows it to be very flexible to fit various sizes of commercial scale solar power systems. Overall, the ABB PVI-12.5TL-OUTD inverter is a great addition to any medium to large scale commercial solar power systems. Some advantages of the ABB PVI-12.5TL-OUTD inverter are:

  • High operating efficiency of 97.8%
  • ‘Electrolyte-free’ power converter to further increase the life expectancy and long term reliability
  • The inverter has two independent maximum power point trackers used to integrate solar panels that are mounted on different orientations
  • Safety disconnecting switches are installed in compliance with the international standards
  • Flat efficiency curve allows the inverter to operate consistently within small fluctuations of input voltage
Technical dataABB PVI12.5-OUTD
Maximum Efficiency97.8%
Maximum AC Output Power13800 W
MPP Voltage Range360-750 V
Maximum Input DC Voltage900 V
Connection Phase3
Maximum DC Input Current Per Tracker36 A/18 A
Dimension (L×W×D)716mm×645mm×224mm
Weight41 kg

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