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ABB TRIO-27.6TL-OUTD Inverter

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ABB TRIO-27.6TL-OUTD Three Phase String Inverter

The ABB TRIO-27.6TL-OUTD inverter offers a flexible solution for large scale commercial solar power systems that require close monitoring and control. In addition, the inverter contains a separate wiring box to reduce the difficulty of installing the device. The ABB TRIO-27.6TL-OUTD inverter can fulfill the needs of even the largest photovoltaic systems. Some advantages of the ABB TRIO-27.6TL-OUTD inverter include:

  • Maximum efficiency of 98.2%
    Two independent maximum power point trackers used to integrate solar panels that are mounted on different orientations
  • Exterior design suitable for operation in any environmental condition
  • Flexible design allowing the inverter to be integrated with different string configurations
  • No use of electrolytic capacitors meaning that the device has a longer life expectancy
Technical dataABB TRIO27.6-OUTD
Maximum Efficiency98.2%
Maximum AC Output Power30000 W
MPP Voltage Range520-800 V
Maximum Input DC Voltage1000 V
Connection Phase3
Maximum DC Input Current Per Tracker30.9 A
Dimension (L×W×D)1061mm×702mm×292mm
Weight76 kg