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ABB TRIO-7.5TL-OUTD Inverter

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ABB TRIO-7.5kW-OUTD Three Phase String Inverter

The ABB TRIO-7.5TL-OUTD inverter is an “all-rounder” device that offers good performance, easy installation and real time monitoring and control. This inverter is a downsized version of the other TRIO commercial grade inverters from ABB and has been adapted to suit residential customers. Therefore, the device contains a higher quality AC/DC conversion and is more flexible when matching the larger residential photovoltaic (PV) systems. Overall, the ABB TRIO-7.5TL-OUTD inverter is a high standard product that suits the needs of residential solar power system owners. Some advantages of the ABB TRIO-7.5TL-OUTD inverter include:

  • Peak efficiency of 98%
  • Dual maximum power point tracker allowing the inverter to be used with solar power systems that are mounted at two different orientations
  • High ambient temperature range
  • Flat efficiency curve allowing the inverter to operate consistently within small fluctuations of input voltage
  • Safety disconnecting switches installed in compliance with the international standards
Technical dataABB TRIO7500-OUTD
Maximum Efficiency98.0%
Maximum AC Output Power7500 W
MPP Voltage Range320-800 V
Maximum Input DC Voltage1000 V
Connection Phase3
Maximum DC Input Current Per Tracker30 A/15 A
Dimension (L×W×D)641mm×429mm×220mm
Weight25 kg