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BYD B-Box PRO 13.8kWh battery - Residential

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BYD B-Box PRO 13.8 (Residential)

The BYD B-Box PRO 13.8 is a custom solution that is designed specifically for the small-scale micro-grid projects due to its high discharge power and scalability. Each B-Box PRO 13.8 supports a continuous discharge rate close to 1C which is extremely useful in larger off-grid situations and there can be up to 32 batteries connected in parallel which translates to a maximum storage capacity of 441.6kWh per system. This allows the unit to fit a particular niche market where the battery capacity might be too small for containerised solutions to make economic sense but also too large for the usual residential solutions.

Technical dataBYD B-Box PRO 13.8
Continuous Output Power12.8 kW
Nominal Voltage51.2 V
Usable Capacity13.8 kWh
Weight175 kg

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