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BYD B-Box HV 1.28kWh Battery Module

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BYD B-Box HV 1.28kWh Battery Module

The BYD B-Box HV 1.28kWh battery module is the higher voltage variant to its 2.56kWh modules. It takes a even more advanced approach of integrating the enclosure and the battery together for each module such that all the units are pre-wired and once clipped together, the modules would be electrically connected in series. This drastically reduces the time required for installation and makes it easier to maneuver the product. These units are also able to discharge continuously at 1C rate and a peak discharge rate at 2C.

Some of the unique advantages of the BYD B-Box HV 1.28kWh battery include:

  • The modules come with IP55 enclosure, allowing for both indoor and outdoor applications
  • High flexibility in sizing as each set of BMU and base can support up to 9 modules (8 for Sunny Boy Storage) and 5 BMUs can be paralleled together to form a large battery bank
  • Each module only weights 25kg which allows installation to be completed with just one person
  • Easy commissioning and firmware upgrades by connecting the units to the local internet router
  • Technical dataBYD B-Box HV 1.28kWh Battery Module
    Peak Output Power2560 W(5mins)
    Maximum Output power1280 W
    Nominal Voltage51.2 V
    Peak Current50 A(5mins)
    Usable Capacity1.28 kWh
    Weight25 kg

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