Comap Intelipro Relay

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SKU: PRO-1685S

Comap Intelipro Grid Protection Relay

Because the output of a solar system is significantly dependent on the weather conditions, there will be times when the renewable energy generated by the system can cause damage to the utility grid. In addition, with the ever stringent grid connection policy updates, it is essential for solar systems that are connected to the grid to have an all rounded protection equipment such as the Comap Intelipro relay. Some advantages of the Comap Intelipro relay include:

  • Wide range of protection functions available such as zero-export, under/overvoltage, under/over-frequency and battery voltage protection.
  • Records a detailed history log containing the events of disturbance and their causes.
  • The device is able to support both three phase and one phase signals.
  • Reliable online services such as Watchdog ability to notify any problems immediately.
FunctionalitiesComAp Intelipro Relay
Instantaneous over current
Time over current
Current Asymmetry
Earth fault current
Ground surge current
Directional/Reverse power with time delay
Breaker failure
Phase sequence supervision
Auto fault reset
Maximum parallel time
Battery voltage protection
Dynamic grid support

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