Comap Mainspro Relay

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SKU: PRO-1670S

Comap Mainspro Mains Decoupling Relay

The output of Solar power systems can sometimes be out of sync with the grid demand due to uncontrollable weather conditions. The Comap Mainspro relay is a device that is designated to prevent any damage done to the grid caused by such dissonances. It is an easy to set up device that requires no additional tools and ports, hence greatly reduces the cost of installing the relay. Overall, the Comap Mainspro relay is an outstanding electronic device to protect an island grid from excess power provided by the solar power systems. Some advantages of the Comap Mainspro relay include:

  • Wide range of protection against fluctuations in voltage, frequency and phases
  • Up to 5 relay ports ensuring a wide range of coverage for the user
  • The device is able to support both three phase and one phase signals
  • Wide voltage range allows the device to be used with any appliance
FunctionalitiesComAp Mainspro Relay
Vector Shift
Rate of change of frequency + ROCOF filter
Voltage Asymmetry
Positive sequence undervoltage
Negative sequence overvoltage

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