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Delta E5 Hybrid Inverter

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Delta E5 Hybrid Inverter

The Delta E5 Hybrid inverter is a product that can take input from both PV and the Delta Battery 6.0. It has an unique operation mode tailored to reduce demand charges which is called the peak cut mode. This will save the energy in the battery until the instantaneous demand of the house reaches a certain pre-set point. In this way, the highest demand value of the premise would be limited by the battery. From which the system can reliably help offsetting the demand charges of the customer.

Some advantages of the Delta E5 Hybrid Inverter include:

  • High peak efficiency up to 97.2%
  • Backup functionality integrated within the inverter
  • Manual bypass switch can be used if the inverter is not working properly
  • Technical dataDelta E5 Hybrid
    Maximum Efficiency97.2%
    Maximum AC Output Power5000 W
    MPP Voltage Range220-450 V
    Connection Phase1
    Maximum DC Input Current12 A
    Dimension (L×W×D)507mm×441mm×177mm
    Weight30 kg

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