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Delta RPI Flex H3A Inverter

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Delta RPI Flex Home Series 3kVA Inverter

The Delta RPI Flex H3A inverter is a compact solution for residential solar power systems. It has a low starting voltage which meant that it could support shorter strings and allow further flexibility in system design. The inverter also has output limitation options that would allow it to comply with various local utility standards. With a compact and lightweight design, the device allows for easy installations.

Some advantages of the Delta RPI H3A inverter include:

  • High peak efficiency up to 97.5%
  • Fan-less design with natural ventilation to increase usage lifetime
  • Very low night time power consumption of less than 1W
  • Built-in data logger for storing information and performance analysis
  • Technical dataDelta RPI H3A
    Maximum Efficiency97.5%
    Maximum AC Output Power3000 W
    MPP Voltage Range160-500 V
    Maximum Input DC Voltage600 V
    Connection Phase1
    Maximum DC Input Current10 A
    Dimension (L×W×D)475mm×415mm×155mm
    Weight21 kg

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