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At Sol Distribution, we value our partnerships and only partner with the best.

Our partner network is the result of years of proven excellence in performance and unparalleled teamwork with the industry's technological leaders.

Through the years, Sol Distribution has built lasting business relationships that leverage our core competencies and strengthen the quality of our service.

Austrian inverter manufacturer, Fronius has been developing and innovating power electronics since 1945. Seventy years of experience, progress and continuous innovation has made Fronius a leading provider of welding, battery charging and solar electronics technologies. With over 3,000 employees worldwide and 20 international subsidiaries, Fronius serves the Australian solar market with an office in Melbourne, which includes technical support, repair centre, warehouse and sales.

Fronius' premium grid-connected inverter portfolio, which includes the latest ‘Smarter, Lighter, More Flexible' SnapINverter generation, ranges from 1.5kW for small residential PV systems, to 460kW central inverters for medium and large scale commercial installations.

Leading the way in optimised energy consumption, each Fronius inverter has PV-monitoring and data communication capabilities, which gives a clear overview of power consumption through remote monitoring services. Viewed on a PC, smart phone or tablet, the owner of the PV system is able to manage and optimise energy consumption through easy-to-understand real-time and archive data analysis.

This monitoring function is also available to Fronius Service Partners (FSPs). FSPs can easily monitor multiple PV systems, receive alerts and are instantaneously notified of any faults. This proactive service solution is realised by an Australia-wide network of over 150 trained and certified FSPs who ensure maximum uptime through innovative on-site serviceability.

In its collaboration with Tesla and other strong partners, Fronius continues to lay the groundwork for the '24 hours of sun' energy supply of the future – a future where we cover our energy needs 100% with renewable energy sources. A world of 24 hours of sun.

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