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Our partner network is the result of years of proven excellence in performance and unparalleled teamwork with the industry's technological leaders.

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For over 25 years, SunPower has been delivering high-efficiency premium solar panels for homes. When you select SunPower® solar panels you can be assured that you are getting the most powerful solar panels on the market, panels that can dramatically reduce your electricity bill and can help you save money from day one of installation.

Who is SunPower? SunPower is a leading technology and energy service provider, with a history of delivering high efficiency solar cells and solar panels, which are unmatched in long term reliability and guaranteed performance.

Save more with SunPower Among the many benefits of owning a SunPower solar system, the fact that it offers the greatest savings on your electricity bill may be the most important. Because SunPower solar panels produce more power than conventional panels, you can generate more solar power from your roof and reduce the amount of electricity you purchase from the electricity grid. There is no faster way for you to maximise the return on your solar power investment and increase the resale potential on your home than with a SunPower solar system.

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