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At Sol Distribution, we value our partnerships and only partner with the best.

Our partner network is the result of years of proven excellence in performance and unparalleled teamwork with the industry's technological leaders.

Through the years, Sol Distribution has built lasting business relationships that leverage our core competencies and strengthen the quality of our service.

Trina Solar has become a global leader in the PV industry and provides high-quality solar panels and clean, reliable solar electric power in on-grid and off-grid residential, commercial, industrial and utility-scale systems worldwide.

Trina Solar is committed to the ongoing advancement of the efficiency and quality of their solar panel products. The local team in Australia provides sales, marketing, logistics, technical support and system design as well as warranty support. Trina Solar continues to expand its R&D investment in Australia through a strong partnership with the Australian National University and the Australian Solar Institute, developing our next generation solar cell technology here in Canberra.

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