390W Mono Trina Solar Vertex

SKU: MOD-TR-M390 Vertex

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390W Mono Trina Solar Vertex 

As the first ultra-high power module type specifically
designed for non-utility segment in PV history, this new launched 400W module
series is not simply a completion to the Vertex family that incorporate 210mm
cells but also will be viewed as a prelude to the new era of ultra-high power
modules specialized in distribution business.

Small in size, big on power

Based on advanced technology from the Vertex platform. The
new Vertex S 400W module is perfectly designed to fulfill power, efficiency,
size, weight, appearance, mechanical load, reliability requirements of rooftop
application! Best balance of power and size & weight.

Universal solution for residential and C&I rooftops

Designed for compatibility with existing mainstream
optimizers, inverters and mounting systems. Perfect size and low weight. Easy
for handling. Economy for transporting. Flexible for system deployment.