450W Mono Trina Solar Tallmax – Landscape (MBB 1500V)


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450W Mono Trina Solar Tallmax – Landscape (MBB 1500V)

Increased Energy Generation with Half-cut Cell Technology

The Tallmax M product adopts half-cut cell technology. With
lower heat and lower working temperature, half-cut cells can increase the power
generation per watt. Since half-cut cells reduce internal loss, the working
temperature of the module and the junction box declines, thus greatly reducing
the probability of hotspots and the damage risk of the whole module.

Based on the special parallel-serial structure, half-cut
modules are longitudinally arranged and can thus reduce the loss of generation
capacity caused by shading.

  • Up to 455W front power and 20.8% module effciency with
    half-cut and MBB (Multi Busbar) technology bringing more BOS savings
  • Lower resistance of half-cut and good refection effect of
    MBB ensure high power
  • Ensured PID resistance through cell process and module
    material control
  • Resistant to salt, acid, and ammonia
  • Mechanical performance: Up to 5400 Pa positive load and 2400
    Pa negative load
  • Excellent IAM and low light performance validated by 3rd
    party with cell process and module material optimization
  • Lower temp coefficient (-0.36%) and NMOT bring more energy
    leading to lower LCOE
  • Better anti-shading performance and lower operating