635W Hyundai G12 Perc Shingled DJ Series


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Hyundai 635W G12 Perc Shingled DJ Series

The highly reliable Hyundai solar panels have the shingled-cell solar panel technology, which allows a lower hot spot risk, high lifetime yield and superior shade toughness. Plus, Hyundai offers a 25-year product warranty!

  • Shingled technology
  • For utility-scale applications
  • More power generation in low light
  • 25-Year Product Warranty and 25-Year Performance Warranty
  • G12 PERC Shingled technology: provides ultra-high efficiency with better performance in low irradiation. Maximizes installation capacity in limited space.
  • Mechanical strength: tempered glass and reinforced frame design withstand rigorous weather conditions such as heavy snow and strong wind.

*Please note: these panels are only available in bulk (container orders only) and there is an 8-12 weeks lead time.*