BYD B-Box BPlus LV 2.5kWh Battery Module


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BYD B-Box BPLUS 2.5kWh battery module

*To order a BYD battery unit, please designate how large the storage unit needs to be and we will provide a price based on how many battery modules and cabinets are needed, one cabinet can fit up to 4 modules. Cabinet and modules are sold separately.

The BYD B-Box BPLUS 2.5kWh battery module offers an extremely flexible and robust solution for energy storage applications. It can reach up to 1C continuous discharge rate and a peak discharge rate of 2C. Allowing it to be well suited for high load applications in both off-grid and backup scenarios. The battery also uses a lithium iron phosphate chemistry that is considered as the safest and most stable compound used in lithium-ion batteries. In addition, the battery unit can be scaled up to 80kWh, making it suitable for both commercial and residential applications.

Some advantages of the BYD B-Box BPLUS 2.5kWh battery module are:

  • Proven reliability and performance, the unit has been deployed in Germany for over 2 years with a few thousands units installed
  • Backed by a global leader in battery and electric vehicle manufacturing
  • Modular design allows the unit to be have a quick and easy installation process
  • High usable to nominal capacity ratio so that the customer would get more value for their purchases
  • Two different packing configuration available, black box with IP20 cabinet or white box with IP55 cabinet