SolarEdge Wireless Gateway for inverters with SetApp configuration


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SolarEdge Wireless Gateway for inverters with SetApp configuration

Installing the wireless gateway means it’s business as usual for homeowners and installers, whenever the home network password is changed.

The wireless gateway connects to residential inverters’ built-in Wi-Fi but is hard-wired via Ethernet to the home internet router so changes to the home network do not interrupt relaying of system data to SolarEdge monitoring servers. Site visibility continues as normal, eliminating unnecessary homeowner support calls and installer site visits.

Key Benefits:

  • Enables wireless communication between SolarEdge inverters and the monitoring platform
  • Eliminates a major source of customer support calls – no installer action is required when home network password is changed
  • Easy installation and configuration (via SetApp)
  • More secure and robust by operating on a closed network
  • Connects to an external antenna, supporting up to two SolarEdge repeaters to further extend the Wi-Fi range
  • Supports up to eight SolarEdge inverters on a single network