Solis 5G-AU-MX Three Phase 30kW Four MPPT


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Solis 5G-AU Three Phase 30kW Four MPPT

Leading Features

  • Max.
    efficiency 98.8%
  • Complies
    with Western Power, SA, VIC, QLD, and NSW grid requirements
  • Integrate
    with adjustable Volt-Watt and Volt-Var function
  • DRM
    integrated, fully comply with AS4777.2:2015
  • Built-in
    DC-PV2 Switch (optional), comply with AS/NZS 5033 requirements
  • Support
    24h consumption monitoring with a smart meter
  • 4
    MPPT design with precise MPPT algorithm, effectively
    reducing string mismatch
  • 130%
    DC overload ratio, 13A input for each PV string
  • Strings
    intelligent monitoring, Smart I-V curve scan
  • Wide
    voltage range and low startup voltage
  • Fuse
    free design
  • Type
    II surge arrester for both DC and AC
  • Natural
    convection, Fan-less design
  • Voltage
    active power and reactive power