SMA Sunny Boy Storage 5.0


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SMA Sunny Boy Storage 5.0

The Sunny
Boy Storage 3.7/5.0/6.0 is a high-performance SMA battery inverter for private
homes. Larger storage systems are easy to implement and are flexible to expand
with a total of three battery connections.

with additional battery power as needed

  • Ideal for
    grid-connected systems
  • Multistring
    battery connection: Connect up to three high-voltage batteries
  • Integrated
    Secure Power Supply function
  • Fully
    automatic backup function for supplying electricity to the complete home
  • The
    integrated service package SMA Smart Connected for automated monitoring of
    battery inverters

power supply–even in the event of grid failure

  • Integrated
    Secure Power Supply provides electricity to individual loads manually from the
    battery even in the event of a grid failure
  • Optionally
    with an automatic transfer switch for full power supply to the home from the
    battery and PV system
  • Power in
    the battery-backup operation of up to 8 kW is sufficient for all standard loads
  • 10-year