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Q Cells Q.PLUS P275 G4 Solar Module

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Q Cells Q.PLUS P275 G4 Solar Module

The Q Cells Q.PLUS P275 G4 module already comes with the advanced triple yield security feature composed of Anti PID features, Hot spot protect and Traceable quality developed in Germany. In addition to this, the Q.PLUS uses the revolutionary Q.Antum cell that enables the poly-crystalline module to have an output that is close to standard mono-crystalline panels. The Q.Antum cell is based on the PERC structure that was recently commercialised in most of the mono-crystalline modules but with improved characteristics that allows it to be more resilient against light induced degradation and elevated temperature degradation.

Some advantages of the Q Cells Q.PLUS P275 G4 module include:

  • High operating efficiency up to 16.5%
  • Higher power per area compared to nominal 260/265W poly-crystalline panels (165W/m2 ) that could save BOS costs in large systems
  • 12 years of standard product warranty
  • Q.Antum cells that improves efficiency and temperature coefficient.
Technical dataQ Cells Q.PLUS 275W Panel
Maximum Power Voltage (Vmpp)31.12 V
Maximum Power Current (Impp)8.84 A
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc)38.82 V
Short Circuit Current (Isc)9.41 A
Dimension (L×W×D)1670mm×1000mm×32mm
Weight18.8 kg