SMA RS485 Sensorbox

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SMA RS485 Sensorbox

The SMA Sunny Sensorbox is the centrepiece for installing a weather station on your PV plant. The Sunny Sensorbox is installed directly onto the modules and measures solar irradiation, module temperature and, optionally, wind speed and ambient temperatures. Combined with Sunny WebBox and Sunny Portal, it provides continuous target-actual comparison of the plant performance. This makes it possible to detect shading, dirt, and a gradually declining array performance, thus maximising yield security.

The SMA RS485 power injector provides the SMA Sensorbox with power, and must be mounted indoors.


  • Rapid error detection via continuous target-actual comparison of plant performance.
  • Precise measurement of irradiation intensity, module temperature, ambient temperature and windspeed
User friendly
  • Easy to install on the PV array
  • Simple communication with WebBox via RS485 or Bluetooth (via SMA Power injector with Bluetooth)
  • Data analysis on any PC or in Sunny Portal

5 year warranty

Technical dataSMA RS485 Sensor Box
Maximum Communication Radius1.200 M

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