SMA Sunny Boy 3.0AV-41

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SKU: INV-SB3.0-1AV-41


The SMA Sunny Boy 3.0 AV-41 is the next generation of residential single phase inverters to replace the TL-21 series. It comes with built-in wifi, a completely new level of cloud based service platform and slashed more than a third in weight for easy installation. The inverter also has built-in sound buzzer for earth fault alerts that would further reduce the balance of system components needed for the system.

Some advantages of the SMA Sunny Boy 3.0AV-40 include:

  • Easy monitoring and zero export setup with just an Energy meter
  • New service platform that allows SMA to detect any faults on the inverter automatically and will initiate the maintenance process from their office before the customer even knows it
  • Wifi built-in allows connectivity between the inverter and any smart phone/tablet device for monitoring purposes
  • Extremely compact and light design allows for quick and convenient installation
  • Technical dataSMA SB3.0 VL-10
    Maximum Efficiency97%
    Maximum AC Output Power3000 W
    MPP Voltage Range110-500 V
    Maximum Input DC Voltage600 V
    Connection Phase1
    Maximum DC Input Current Per Tracker15 A
    Dimension (L×W×D)435mm×470mm×176mm
    Weight16 kg

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