SMA Energy Meter

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SMA Energy Meter

The SMA Energy Meter is a powerful measurement solution for intelligent energy management within a SMA Smart Home. The SMA Energy Meter monitors the flow of electricity at the main switchboard. Coupled with the SMA Sunny Home Manager, the SMA Energy Meter forms part of the intelligent monitoring and control behind solar power generation, battery storage and electricity fed from the main network

The SMA Energy Meter accurately measures electricity parameters such as phase, electricity exported and electricity imported from the grid and communicates these values via the SMA Speedwire protocol into the SMA Sunny Home Manager .

All PV generation data, purchased electricity and grid feed-in can be transmitted via standard Ethernet cable to the Sunny Home Manager. The Sunny Home Manager facilitates optimal energy monitoring, effective load and battery management, and reliable active power limitation at the grid feed-in point while taking self-consumption into account.

SMA Energy Meter at a glance

  • Fast three-phase, bi-directional reading of measured values
  • Fast Speedwire communication
  • Quick plug and play installation
  • Graphic visuals of values in Sunny Portal
  • Suitable for universal use
  • Compact enclosure


  • Two-year warranty

Download the SMA Sunny Portal app below.

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