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SMA Sunny Tripower 12000TL-20 Inverter

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SMA Sunny Tripower 12000TL-20 Inverter

The SMA STP12000TL-20 inverter is the optimum solution for applications ranging from residential and larger scale systems to smaller scale solar PV farms. The Inverter has superior design and groundbreaking shade and temperature management software implemented to optimise the performance of commercial solar power systems. The shade management system, OptiTrac Global Peak, can mitigate partial shading effects by allowing the solar panels to operate at the global power peak point when shaded rather than the conventional maximum power point. Also, OptiCool is a temperature management system that ensures the inverter is always operating at the optimal temperature by circulating air in a heat exchanger. Some advantages of the SMA STP12000TL-20 inverter include:

  • High maximum efficiency up to 98.3%
  • Extreme DC input voltage tolerance of 1000V and hence the panels can be connected in longer series strings to avoid cost of having multiple parallel strings
  • Has built-in reactive power management system that can improve the system efficiency
  • Easy to install as there is no additional requirement for tools to connect the inverter with the photovoltaic array
Technical dataSMA STP12000TL-20
Maximum Efficiency98%
Maximum AC Output Power12000 W
MPP Voltage Range440-800 V
Maximum Input DC Voltage1000 V
Connection Phase3
Maximum DC Input Current Per Tracker18 A/10 A
Dimension (L×W×D)470mm×730mm×240mm
Weight37 kg

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