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SMA Sunny Tripower 60-10 Inverter

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SMA Sunny Tripower STP60-10 Inverter

Suitable for installations of 300kW and above

The SMA Sunny Tripower STP60-10 opens up a new flexible approach to large scale photovoltaic system design. It requires a combiner box to connect multiple solar module strings together to accumulate the output power without exceeding the nominated input voltage of the inverter. In addition, an inverter manager is used to control and monitor multiple inverters as a centralised communication point. This system layout offered by the inverter enables great flexibility in its ability to accommodate both centralised and decentralised systems to achieve a“best of both worlds” solution. Some advantages of the SMA Sunny Tripower STP60-10 inverter include:

  • High maximum operating efficiency up to 98.8%
  • Superb power density, the device only weighs 75kg despite having a 60kVA capacity
  • Cutting edge safe control meaning it is the most reliable inverter in this size
  • Future proof system layout allows it to be more suitable for large scale installations

  • The DC combiner box and the inverter manager are also necessary for the system to operate.

    Sol Distribution Pty Ltd operates a solar wholesale and solar distribution business. SMA inverters are available to order through Sol Distribution’s web store. The prices displayed are wholesale prices and intended for solar businesses and CEC accredited installers

    Technical dataSMA STP60TL-10
    Maximum Efficiency98.8/td>
    Maximum AC Output Power60000 W
    MPP Voltage Range570-800 V
    Maximum Input DC Voltage1000 V
    Connection Phase3
    Maximum DC Input Current110A
    Dimension (L×W×D)570mm×740mm×300mm
    Weight75 kg

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