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SMA Sunny Boy 240 Micro Inverter

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SKU: INV-SB240-99-10

SMA Sunny Boy 240 Micro Inverter

The Sunny Boy 240 Micro Inverter provides installers with exceptional design flexibility. In combination with the Sunny Multigate, this is the perfect, easy-to-install solution for various applications such as differently arranged substrings and systems with regularly shaded modules. Due to their modular design, all systems equipped with the Sunny Boy 240 and the Sunny Multigate can be realigned and upgraded at any time. The SMA Micro Inverter concept and the well-known string concept can be perfectly combined.


The individual MPP tracking that the SMA Sunny Boy 240 Micro Inverter offers allows for an optimal use. With its minimum number of components and a patented electronics design, the Sunny Boy 240 Micro Inverter is also optimized for a maximum service life.


The SB 240 Micro Inverter has been designed with galvanic isolation and an integrated grid disconnection point with monitoring in the Sunny Multigate. The SB240 also complies with all relevant protection classes and standards. This makes the Sunny Boy 240 a very safe Micro Inverter.


The SMA Sunny Boy SB240 has been fitted with an integrated Webconnect function to Sunny Portal via Ethernet, allowing for real-time monitoring on module level. Remote monitoring via smartphone or tablet is also possible with the Sunny Boy 240 Micro Inverter, for a free and convenient plant monitoring via Sunny Portal. 

For more information about the Sunny Portal, view the training here.


With its pre-assembled AC cables, its selection of DC adapters and an easy installation, the SMA SB240 Micro Inverter cannot be more user-friendly!
Technical dataSMA SB240 Micro Inverter
Maximum Efficiency97.2%
Maximum AC Output Power230 W
MPP Voltage Range23-32 V
Maximum Input DC Voltage45 V
Connection Phase1
Maximum DC Input Current8.5 A
Dimension (L×W×D)88.4mm×218.4mm×43.7mm
Weight1.3 kg