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SMA Sunny Island SI8.0h-13 Off-grid Inverter

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SKU: INV-SI8.0H-13

SMA Sunny Island SI8.0h-13 Off-grid Inverter

The SMA Sunny Island SI8.0H off-grid inverter is particularly robust and suitable for use in virtually any off grid situation such as the Australian outback, deserts, rainforests, islands or arctic conditions. Now with wifi connectivity and integrated remote control, the installation and commissioning of the unit has become much easier. The inverter now also have the speedwire module built in for more robust communication between master and slave units and monitoring devices. 

Some advantages of the Sunny Island 8.0H-12 include:

  • Built-in remote control and wifi for easy installation and commissioning
  • Ability to surge output, suitable for off-grid applications
  • Extremely expandable in system design, allowing up to 36 units in parallel with the multi-cluster box
  • Has ability to interface with auto-start capable generators for off-grid systems
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