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SMA Sunny Tripower Core 1 50kW inverter

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SKU: INV-SHP150000-20

SMA Sunny Tripower Core 1 50kW Inverter

The SMA Sunny Tripower Core 1 is world's first free standing inverter. It does not require any mounting brackets but uses customer designed feet to sit on the roof surface with minimal structural support. This unique design is expected to reduce the installation time of the inverter by 60% compared to the conventional Sunny Tripower range. The inverter also comes with WLAN connectivity which will drastically reduce the time required for commissioning.

Some unique advantages of the SMA Sunny Tripower Core 1 include:

  • Max efficiency up to 98.1%
  • 6 input trackers offers high design flexibility and potentially higher yields
  • Sunclix connectors enables easy plug-n-play DC input
  • Can be retrofitted with both AC and DC type II surge arresters for lightning protection
  • Technical dataSMA STP Core 1
    Maximum Efficiency98.1%
    Maximum AC Output Power50000 W
    MPP Voltage Range500-800 V
    Maximum Input DC Voltage1000 V
    Connection Phase3
    Maximum DC Input Current Per Tracker30 A
    Dimension (L×W×D)621mm×733mm×529mm
    Weight84 kg

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