Trade STCs for stock with Sol Distribution

Exclusively available to Sol Distribution customers, our STC trading service allows customers to offset kit purchases with the STC value associated with their solar power kit. The process is simple and it allows Sol Distribution wholesale customers to free up cash whilst their solar power systems are installed.

STC Trading


Trade your STCs for an upfront discount on your products.



Download and complete the Sol Distribution STC Assignment form and make sure the form includes the signatures of all parties involved.


Attach your electrical certificate of compliance and a list of all panel serial numbers used for the your scanned copy of the completed Sol Distribution STC Assignment Form.


Send all the documentation via email to within 10 days of placing the order and we will advise you once the trade has been settled.

Please read our STC Trading Terms & Conditions prior to using this service.

Click here to calculate how many STCs you can claim for your installation.

Why trade through us?

Sol Distribution is an experienced STC trader and can assist you along the way. We know that trading your STCs can be a time consuming task which can place undue cash flow stress on your business. Through Sol Distribution's STC trading service, you receive an immediate discount on your order and can keep on top of your STCs at the same time. Without the headache of trading STCs within your business you with more time to spend on selling solar power systems.

More reasons to trade your STCs through us:

  • Immediately realise the value of your STCs before installing your solar power system;
  • Reduce internal administration and processing within your business;
  • Spend more time focusing on developing and growing your business;
  • You can buy your products and sell your STCs through us – all under the one roof.
  • Improved cash flow. No more waiting until the system is installed and the Renewable Regulator has approved your STCs.
  • Hedge your STC price. Lock in your STC value at the time of purchase and reduce the risk on your business if the STC price was to move quickly.

Things to note:

It is important that the STC form is completed accurately and returned to us quickly after your installer has completed the installation. There are a few simple, but important, things to note below:

  • Only pre-approved customers will be able to take advantage of this service.
  • The parties that need to sign the Sol Distribution STC Assignment Form are:
    • The installer
    • The designer
    • The home owner or end customer.
  • The date visible on your certificate of compliance must be earlier than the Sol Distribution STC Assignment Form completion date.
  • The completed STC assignment form must be returned to us within 10 days of purchase.

*GST Explained – The Process

It is important to remember that with the process of trading STCs there are two transactions, the sale of the solar power system and the assignment of the right to create STCs for the solar power system.

Part 1 – The Sale

The Installer (most likely you) sells the solar power system to the home owner, or business.

GST must be paid on the full value of the solar power system.

Part 2 – The Trade

The home owner, or business, then assigns the right to create STCs over to the Installer. The installer is then eligible to receive the payment for the STCs.

If the system owner is a GST registered business, GST needs to be applied to the STCs.

If the system owner is a home owner and is not a GST registered business, then no GST is applied to the STCs.

See our example transaction of how this would work in each scenario.

Here is a link to the ATO GST guide for STCs.

We're committed to renewable energy

Every trade of an STC goes towards Australia's Renewable Energy Target of 20% by 2020. Do your part and trade today.

+ So just what are Small Scale Renewable Energy Certificates (STCs)?

Under the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme, eligible small-scale renewable energy systems are entitled to a number of small-scale technology certificates. To ensure small-scale technology certificates are valid, they must be created within 12 months of the system being installed.

Sol Distribution in combination with registered agents provides customers with the option to take an upfront discount on their kit purchases in exchange for the right to create and sell the systems' certificates.

So, if you're thinking of purchasing a Sol Distribution solar power kit and your installation will meet all the installation requirements under the scheme and will be classified as a complete installation within 10 days of purchase why not trade your STCS through us in exchange for an up-front discount on you solar power system.