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Videos are a great way to keep your knowledge and technical skills current. At Sol Distribution we combine all useful videos in one central "knowledge bank" that you can refer to when needed.

Solar Plants: Outclass the Shade With Module Optimiser What to do if a tree, chimney or even a neighboring house casts its shadow on the PV system?

Sunny Boy 3.0–5.0 with SMA Smart Connected It’s now even easier to generate solar energy in private households.

Tech Tip: SMA Webbox Commissioning and Troubleshooting This video features SMA Solar Academy in a run through of the commissioning and troubleshooting of an RS485 Sunny Webbox.

Tech Tip: Installing the Sunny Boy 240 Micro Inverter This video demonstrates the simple installation of the Sunny Boy 240 micro inverter and the innovative Multigate communications solution.

SMA Fuel Save Solution for Island Electrification This video presents an island electrification with solar diesel hybrid systems based on the awarded SMA Fuel Save Solution.

SMA Solar Training | What is the SMA Flexible Storage Solution? Charles Wang, SMA Application Engineer for Medium Power Solutions, gives a quick overview of the SMA Flexible Storage Solution live from SMA's booth at Clean Energy Week.

Tech Tip: An Overview of the SMA Cluster Controller SMA Technical Service Engineer Gilbert Jin gives an overview of the SMA Cluster Controller and demonstrates a proper Cluster Controller installation.

SMA Solar Training | Limited Export and Reactive Power Control SMA Australia’s Solar Academy trainer Adrian Ho shows you how you can use SMA products to meet utility requirements of active power limitation or zero export.

Tech Tip: SMA Sunny Island Communication Interface SMA’s Technical Service Engineer Cyril Laugeon gives a brief overview of the communication interface options for the latest Sunny Island 6.0H & 8.0H, both for off-grid applications and on-grid flexible storage.

Tech Tip: Commissioning a 3 Phase Off-Grid Sunny Island System SMA Australia's Service Team Member Juan Pena shows how to commission a Sunny Island cluster, including the use of the Sunny Remote Control.

Tech Tip: Proper Communication for Sunny Island and Sunny Boy Systems SMA Technical Training Specialist Mike Mahon demonstrates the proper communication configuration between the Sunny Island and the Sunny Boy for optimal use.

SMA Solar Training | Personalising Pages in Sunny PortalSMA’s Technical Service Engineer Wendy Truong shows you how to create personalised pages in Sunny Portal.

Tech Tip: Installing the Webconnect Piggy-back CardWatch SMA Solar Academy trainer Mike Mahon go through the installation of SMA's Webconnect Piggy-back Card step-by-step.

SMA OptiTrac Global PeakBecause PV systems don’t always operate in perfect conditions, the OptiTrac has been designed to virtually eliminate the negative effects of partial shading.

Tech Tip: Getting the Most Out of Sunny PortalSMA's Sunny Portal is the free monitoring headquarters for solar systems ranging from small-scale residential to a large-scale solar parks.

Connecting Bluetooth® to SMA InvertersPatty Wu, SMA Australia's Service Contact Manager, explains how to connect Bluetooth® to SMA inverters, using Sunny Explorer.

SMA Sunny Island Commissioning - Basic Setup Andros Cadavid, Application Engineer - Off-Grid and Hybrid Energy Solutions at SMA Australia, takes you through a basic step-by-step process on how to commission an SMA Sunny Island using the SMA Sunny Remote Control.

Webconnect and Registering in Sunny PortalSMA Australia's Solar Academy Trainer shows you how to commission Webconnect with SMA inverters and register the module in Sunny Portal.

SMA Australia Marketing Offerings Anna Brazil, Marketing Director at SMA Australia, gives you a brief overview of the marketing offerings from SMA Australia.

SMA Sunny Tripower 5000TL-9000TLSenior Technical Expert Alex Kaemmerer highlights the great features of the Sunny Tripower 5000TL - 9000TL.

Changing SMA Sunny Island 6.0H and 8.0H from user to installer and expert modeSMA Australia's Off Grid Solutions Expert shows installers how to switch the SMA Sunny Island 6.0H or 8.0H Inverter from user mode to installer and expert mode.

Adjusting maximum generator voltage in the SMA Sunny Island 6.0H, 8.0H and 5048SMA Australia's Off Grid Solutions Expert demonstrates how to adjust the generator voltage using the SMA Sunny Remote Control. The SMA Sunny Island must already be in installer/expert mode.

Tech Tip: Troubleshooting for Earth Fault or Event 35 If an earth fault happens in a PV array, SMA inverters detect the fault and will show an error message on the display.

Tech Tip: Determining the battery capacity in the SMA Sunny Island 6.0H, 8.0H anA common phenomenon is called "voltage recalibration", where the installer sees the state of charge drop from 60% or 70% down to 20% within a second.

Tech Tip: Diagnosing error code Vac-Bfr/Vac-Srr or Event 801 (Grid Failure)If the grid voltage goes outside the acceptable range (according to Australia Standards) due to a black-out, a spike, or voltage fluctuations in the utility grid, SMA inverters will quickly disconnect from the grid for safety reasons.

CEC Solar Training Videos - Rating DC IsolatorsThis short video explains how to correctly rate DC isolators for installation in a solar PV system. It was produced through co-investment between the Clean Energy Council and the National VET E-learning Strategy.

CEC Solar Training Videos - Weatherproofing EnclosuresThis solar training video has been produced by the Clean Energy Council and shows solar installers how to ensure that enclosures installed as part of solar PV systems are weatherproof, safe and comply with Australian Standards.

CEC Solar Training Videos – Mounting PV Array Frames This short video demonstrates the important points to consider when mounting array frames during the installation of a household solar PV system.

CEC Solar Training Videos – Testing an InstallationThis short video outlines the key things to remember when testing and commissioning a grid-connected solar PV system in Australia.