Get Tesla Certified

Sol Distribution is a Tesla Powerwall Authorised Reseller. We have Tesla Energy products available for you to purchase but please be aware a customer cannot market or sell the Tesla Powerwall Battery without certification by Tesla.

What is a Tesla Energy Certified Installer?

A Tesla Energy Certified Installer refers to an installer who has completed the necessary installation training and compliance requirements of the ‘Tesla Energy Certified Installer Program’.

How to Become a Tesla Certified Installer?

To apply to become a Tesla Certified Installer, follow the steps below and fill out the application form. Pre-approved customers will be contacted by Tesla directly.

  1. Submit a Tesla Certified Installer Application by clicking on the button below & notify your contact at Sol Distribution (allow 5-10 business days for Tesla to review your application).
  2. You will receive an email from Tesla ( prompting you to access the Partner Dashboard (Tesla’s online Onboarding application toll) to provide further onboarding information (allow 10 to 15 business days for Tesla to review the information).
  3. You will be issued 2 tasks to complete: safety and verification. Please answer all questions and upload all required information. There are also some training modules available to complete, these are not mandatory but very highly recommended.
  4. Upon completion of the tasks, Tesla will review and approve. Upon approval the Tesla Certified Installer Agreement will be issued for signature in your Partner Dashboard.
  5. Tesla Inc ( will issue an executed Certified Installer Agreement meaning that you will be certified to purchase and install Powerwall from Sol Distribution.

Contact a member of the Sol Distribution team or give us a call on 1300 660 483 if you have any further questions.