All-Energy Australia 2016

Published on 10 October 2016

The All Energy exhibition this year was a roaring success. It highlighted the innovations and breakthroughs within the renewable energy industry, from an inverter that reached a weighted efficiency of 99 per cent to a panel with an output over 400W.
Many clean energy media platforms have already stated the significance of technological progress of renewable energy in 2016. We have also seen the uprising of storage, tremendous price reductions for all renewable energy generators and new business models that will revolutionise the electricity industry. It is no wonder that last week’s All Energy exhibition featured some of the most astounding innovations for renewable energy.

First showcased at Intersolar this year and as the winner of the InterSolar Award 2016, the SolarEdge HD-Wave inverter was on display. It’s a compact device using a novel waveform technology that allows it to achieve a weighted efficiency of 99 per cent while weighing less than 10 kilograms. The inverter allows optional backup circuit integration without the need for batteries and has all the monitoring solutions of current SolarEdge inverters. Due to the changeover to digital processing of waveforms, the HD Wave inverter uses less magnetic and cooling components. This allows it to be lighter, smaller and achieve higher efficiency than conventional inverters.

Another remarkable product that was showcased at the exhibition was the Sunpower 435W solar panel, this juggernaut of a solar panel had the highest power output per panel of all the products showcased at All Energy. Despite it having 128 Maxeon cells, the panel has a footprint of only 2m2 or comparable to most of the 72 cell panels of tier one manufacturers today. However, with an additional 100W in the same area, the Sunpower 435W panel would provide large amounts of cost savings in both balance of system and installation components of a solar power system.

With 140 leading companies, All Energy 2016 was the central hub to showcase cutting edge technologies for renewable energy. The Sol Distribution team are back and ready to answer any questions or enquiries you have on products or projects so contact us.