ENDED: BYD On-Grid and Off-Grid Packages on Offer

Published: 13 May 2022
This promo is no longer available.

We have a couple of packages at a special price that include the BYD Battery-Box Premium LVL 15.4kWh battery, for on-grid and off-grid installations, exclusive to Sol Distribution customers.

On-Grid Package
with Solis Inverter
This package includes:

Off-Grid Package
with SMA inverter
This package includes:

BYD Battery-Box Premium LVL15.4kWh Battery


The BYD Battery-Box Premium LVL is a lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery for use with an external inverter. This battery features:

  • Compatible with 1 and 3 phase inverters
  • Capable of high-powered back-up and off-grid function
  • Space saving via the ability to stack 2 premium batteries
  • Add additional batteries in parallel to expand the system
  • Scalable from 15.4 to 983kWh

Any questions, please feel free to contact us on marketing@sol-distribution.com.au