Huawei – The Right Way To Do Inverters

Published on October 29, 2018

Relatively new to the market, Huawei are the largest inverter manufacturer in the world. 

It’s almost like Huawei have been listening to the market and spying on what works before developing the new SUN2000L series inverters. They have essentially come up with a basic string inverter that is compatible together with optimisers for either partial and full optimisation. Not to mention it’s a “Battery Ready” hybrid inverter that comes in at the cost of a PV inverter. The Huawei single phase has a separate input to interface with LG Chem High Voltage batteries – efficient (98%) and weather rated (IP65).

It is possibly the only inverter on the market that is easier to install than it is to pronounce correctly.  There is no need to open the small lightweight (less than 10kg) box to mount these ones on the wall, and with the easy commissioning on the phone app, it’s more customer and installer-friendly.