Product Highlight: SMA Sunny Tripower CORE2

Sol is excited to introduce the new 110kW SUNNY TRIPOWER CORE2. This solar inverter offers installers maximum flexibility for commercial rooftop and ground mounted PV systems. Ready for current and future needs, the new string inverter allows customers to plan and implement commercial solar projects more easily and cost-efficiently. Different module orientations can be taken into account to ensure the highest energy yields and maximum power.

More options

Highest flexibility in plan design.

  • Best in class: 12 MPP trackers with 24 strings for maximum design flexibility
  • String level monitoring
  • Maximum DC input voltage of up to 1,100V DC
  • Supports both bifacial and 500W+ PV modules

More integration

Ready for all current and future needs.

  • Supported by planning tool SUNNY DESIGN
  • Complete integration with ennexOS
  • Simple plant commissioning via DATA MANAGER
  • Comprehensive monitoring with SUNNY PORTAL

More performance

Intelligent integrated features.

  • SMA ShadeFix; An overall solution that optimises the performance of PV systems
  • SMA Smart Connected: Automated inverter monitoring optimises services and delivers highest yields.

Click on the following video to check out the new SMA Sunny Tripower Core2 product features

About SMA

As a leading global specialist in photovoltaic system technology, the SMA Group is setting the standards today for the decentralised and renewable energy supply of tomorrow.

SMA has had a presence in Australia for over 20 years and offers solutions for centralised and decentralised PV power plants as well as for residential PV applications and PV hybrid projects. The local team consists of over 60 skilled engineering, sales, marketing and service staff to offer the best solutions for home, business and large-scale applications. Our experts provide support with planning and design, engineering and project management as well as installation and commissioning. SMA Australia has sales personnel across the country and a strong product distribution network with national coverage. SMA strives for improvement with regularly hosting customer training events, managing service requests and responding to technical enquiries.