BYD Battery-Box 2.76kWh Premium HVM Battery Module


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BYD Battery-Box 2.76kWh Premium HVM Battery Module

One Battery-Box Premium HVM Stack is composed of 3 to 8 HVM battery modules that are connected in series to achieve a usable capacity of 8.3 to 22.1 kWh. Direct parallel connection of up to 3 identical Battery-Box Premium HVM Stacks allows a maximum system capacity of 66.2 kWh. Battery-Box Premium HVM systems are highly versatile, allowing future upgrades of a system by adding to an existing Stack, or adding new parallel Stacks.


  • The Battery-Box Premium HVM 2.76kWh unit is designed specifically for flexible on-grid and grid-back-up applications.
  • It can be easily ‘stacked’ to build storage systems as small as 8.3kWh and as large as 22.1kWh.
  • Up to 3 ‘stacks’ may be connected together to enable storage capacities as high as 66.2kWh!
  • The IP55 rated blocks are extremely simple to install and are ideal for installation both indoors and outdoors.