Fronius Sensor Box IG


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Fronius Sensor Box IG

With the Fronius Sensor Card/Box, up to six sensors for measuring insolation, ambient temperature, module temperature, wind speed, etc. can be integrated into the Fronius DATCOM system. Using the insolation and module temperature data, you are able to check your PV system and quickly identify anomalies in the system output to keep performance at a consistently high level. You can choose between a box and a card.


  • The Fronius Sensor Card/Box offers inputs for up to six measuring signals.
  • Two analogue inputs for two temperature sensors
  • One analogue input for evaluating a voltage signal (e.g. an insolation sensor)
  • Two digital inputs, e.g. for an energy meter and a wind speed sensor
  • One analogue input for evaluating a current signal (0 to 20mA, 4 to 20mA)

In addition to the Fronius Sensor Card / Box, a Fronius Datamanager is required for evaluating the data. This is either fitted as standard in the inverter or can be easily retrofitted.