Fronius Wattpilot Go 2.0 – Transportable Wallbox


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Fronius Wattpilot Go 2.0 – Transportable Wallbox

At home or on the move. With or without your own PV system. Sustainable electricity is always the cheapestway to power your electric car. Fronius Wattpilot takes care of this in ever more countries with variable electricity tariffs. This intelligent charging solution charges your electric car with surplus energy from your own PV system – if available – and with the cheapest mains current. It’s fully automatic, sustainable and can be used anywhere. It’s about e-mobility that drives us all forward. Fronius Wattpilot. Designed to move.

Key features:

Plug ‘n’ Drive

  • Simply plug it in and start charging

Intelligent charging

  • Use of surplus solar energy if available
  • Alternatively charge with grid current

Ease of use

  • Convenient control by using the buttons and Fronius Solar.Wattpilot app
  • Settings suiting the personal requirements

Safety and control

  • Up to ten user profiles for each Fronius Wattpilot
  • Secured access by RFID chip
  • All charging data available for each user

Full Integration

  • Seamless integration into Fronius Solar.webb app
  • Overview of all components at all time

Complete flexibility

  • Usage with any electric car