GE Single Phase Hybrid 10kW Inverter – 4MPPT

SKU: INV-GE-H10-1U-10

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GEH 5-10kW Single Phase Hybrid inverter | Up to 4MPPT (GEH10-1U-10)

The GEH series is a unique single-phase hybrid inverter that offers up to four MPPTs, is compatible with high voltage (80-495V) batteries and has a power capacity ranging from 5 kW to 10 kW. Homeowners can now experience the ultimate solution for maximising generation and self-consumption in comfort and security. Intelligent mechanisms are timely activated to ensure power supply to critical loads when most needed. AFCI (Arc-fault current interrupter) and rapid shutdown options likewise ensure the safety of the whole PV system, offering freedom and security all in one.

Incessant Power Supply

  • Full backup capacity up to 10kW
  • UPS-level switching

High Power Generation

  • Up to 4 MPPTs
  • Up to 150% DC oversizing 

Maximum Safety

  • AC bypass switch
  • AFCI & RSD for system safety