GE Three Phase 8kW Inverter 2MPPT

SKU: INV-GE-P8.0-3-AU10

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GE Three Phase 8kW Inverter 2MPPT

Intelligent safety features and unmatched efficiency place this model into a league of its own. This three phase inverter is a perfect choice for small business needs and a wider scale of residential applications, with the capability of 200% oversizing, incredible efficiency, and compatibility with the latest high power & bifacial modules. The most advanced safety features are intelligently integrated for maximum security and peace of mind. The modular design makes operation and maintenance much easier, providing upgraded safety and reliability. Welcome to the future of intelligent energy. Say hello to GEP 5-20kW.

High Yields

  • Up to 200% DC oversizing & 110% AC overloading
  • Max. 15A per string

Safety First on Your Roof

  • AFCI & module-level rapid shutdown for safest solar
  • Type II SPD now exchangeable

User & Installer Friendly

  • A pleasant living environment thanks to excellent noise control: 5-10kW <25dB
  • 24h real-time consumption monitoring