GE Single Phase 4.2kW Inverter – 2MPPT

SKU: INV-GE-P4.2-1-30

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GE Silver Single Phase 4.2kW Inverter – 2MPPT

The GEP 3-5kW boasts beautiful aesthetics and a user-friendly design from an elegant screen interface. Despite its small size, the GEP 3-5kW is capable of 150% DC oversizing, 110% AC overloading and 98.3% max efficiency, which gives it a unique competitive edge. The latest and most advanced safety features are intelligently integrated and packed in to this compact, but powerful model that is lightweight and easy to install.

Superior Product Design

  • Elegant aesthetic look
  • Colour LED screen
  • Plug & Play Installation

High Power Generation

  • 98.3% maximum efficiency
  • 150% DC oversizing & 110% AC overloading
  • Compatible with bifacial modules