GoodWe Single Phase Inverter 10kW – 3MPPT


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GoodWe Single Phase 10kW Inverter – 3MPPT

The MS G3 single-phase inverters of 5-10kW provide powerful and versatile solution options for residential buildings. This model boasts 3 MPPTs for various complex rooftops, thus leading to high power efficiency. The ultra-low 50V startup voltage allows inverters to kick in earlier during the day and presents more power generation. In addition, by supporting up to 20A DC max. input current per MPPT, the MS G3 Series is ideal for high-power modules, which makes full use of power generated and presents lower LCOE. Importantly, PID (potential induced degradation) recovery function is supported for better module performance. The inverter also takes safety measures including optional Arc Fault Failure Interrupter (AFCI) and Type II Surge Protection Device (SPD) on both sides to protect the system from electrical fire and lightning hazards in extreme environments, for guaranteed safety

  • Smart Control & Monitoring
  • Superb Safety & Reliability
  • High Power Generation
  • Friendly & Thoughtful Design