GoodWe Single Phase Hybrid 5kW Inverter – 2MPPT (Grid Tied Only)


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GoodWe Single Phase 5kW Inverter Battery Ready- 2MPPT (Grid Tied Only)

With beautiful aesthetics and user friendly design, GEP 3-5kW has an elegant screen and is light and easy to install. Despite its reduced size, this petite model is capable of 50% DC oversizing, 10% AC overloading and 98.3% max. efficiency, which gives it a unique competitive edge. With 13A max. input current per string, it is compatible with different types of modules. The latest and most advanced safety features are intelligently integrated and packed in this compact albeit powerful model.

  • Inbuilt DC Isolator
  • Plug and Play
  • Inbuilt Export Control
  • Elegant Aesthetic Design
  • 13A Per String
  • Superior Efficiency