GoodWe Three Phase Hybrid 15kW Inverter (HV) – 2MPPT


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GoodWe Three Phase Hybrid 15kW Inverter (HV) – 2MPPT

GoodWe ET 15-30kW Series inverter is ideal for large residential or small commercial and industrial applications. As the core of the energy storage solution, the high-voltage inverters facilitate powerful energy backup and load management for optimized autonomy and reduced energy cost. The ET inverters also present peak shaving that balances power demand and grid power imported, to effectively reduce extra grid demand. Furthermore, thanks to dry contact in the inverter, external loads such as heat pumps can also be flexibly activated to optimize energy consumption. The series can be combined with a range of battery capacities and brands, including the GoodWe Lynx Home F. 


  • Smart Control & Monitoring
  • Superb Safety & Reliability
  • Friendly & Thoughtful Design
  • Flexible & Adaptable Applications