SMA Sunny Tripower 15kW Inverter


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SMA Sunny Tripower 15kW Inverter

Integrated intelligence for future-proof system design. 

The new Sunny Tripower X is the innovative system solution for commercial PV systems. The integrated System Manager function with direct access to Sunny Portal powered by ennexOS monitors up to five SMA inverters and one energy meter. This enables the dynamic closed-loop control of active and reactive power via SMA Dynamic Power Control. Thanks to the wide input voltage range and the high input current capability, it is compatible with the latest generation of high-performance PV modules. The innovative enclosure design ensures efficient cooling of the electronic components and thus guarantees maximum lifetime of the Sunny Tripower X. 

Commissioning can be performed quickly and easily as well as centrally for all devices in the system. During operation, users benefit from integrated software solutions: SMA ShadeFix increases PV yields even in the event of partial shading, while SMA ArcFix detects electric arcs effectively and can reliably reduce the risk of fire.

Integrated system manager

  • Monitoring and control for up to 5 inverters (max. 135 kVA) included
  • Direct access to Sunny Portal powered by ennexOS
  • SMA Dynamic Power Control

Safety included

  • SMA ArcFix arc-fault circuit interrupter
  • DC overvoltage protection
  • Simplified grid and PV system protection

Maximum yields

  • Yield increase through integrated SMA ShadeFix
  • I-V generator diagnostics
  • Direct selling with SMA SPOT
  • SMA Smart Connected

More flexibility

  • 3 MPP trackers
  • High input current for high performance PV modules
  • Modular design allowing expansion for future energy management functions