Residential Smart PV Solution

Introducing the Huawei FusionSolar Smart Home Energy System of the Future

Huawei brings you optimized PV power generation, built-in plug & play battery interface and smart home energy management – all through the FusionSolar Residential PV Solution.

Active Safety
AI Powered Active Arcing Protection
Pinpoint Arc Fault Positioning

Higher Yields
Up to 30% More Energy by Optimisers
Battery Ready – The real Plug and Play (DC Coupled) without additional device

Better Experience
One-fits-all optimiser, easier business 
Module auto-mapping within 5 sec

Huawei 450W Optimiser Highlights

SKU: COM-HW-SUN2000-450W-P
  • New compact design that is 50% smaller than competitors on the market
  • Fully autonomous and integrated solution that combines higher yield, safety and panel-level monitoring into one device
  • Selective deployment allows maximum flexibility for systems with partial shading issues
  • Industry-leading commissioning time, a 10kW system can be mapped out within 1.5 minutes
  • AI powered active arcing protection, identifying connection faults in real-time with high accuracy

Huawei Inverter Highlights

  • High peak efficiency of 98.6%
  • Can be retrofitted with Huawei optimisers for any customers with a requirement for DC optimisation
  • Both Built-in Wifi (Standard) and 4G (Optional) are available for easy communication and commissioning options
  • Download the datasheet here

A Complete Solution For Your House!

The Huawei battery will be available soon.

Smart String ESS LUNA2000-15-S0
  • Available to order next year
  • Modular design with 5kWh blocks, scalable to 30kWh
  • No further accessories required to pair with existing Huawei single phase inverters