A new partnership: Clenergy

Published on April 12, 2016

Sol Distribution is pleased to announce a brand new partnership with Clenergy.

Clenergy specialise in the development and production of mounting equipment that is used across a large variety of photovoltaic system installations including rooftops, ground mount installations and ballast systems. The products are innovative, use superior quality material and are highly flexible allowing them to fit with a large variety of panels that Sol Distribution supply.

Clenergy’s well-known innovative PV-ezRack products for flush and tilt mounting are available on the Sol Distribution website. Its products are certified by TUV, use a Z-Module on clamps, have a higher wind load of up to 88m/s and are compatible with frameless panels.

Clenergy’s range of products are also more resilient to harsh environments and support a more diversified spectrum of solar panels. Check out our piece on ‘Clenergy in the spotlight’ where we outline the benefits of the Clenergy range.