Clenergy in the Spotlight

Published on April 12, 2016

Clenergy offers a full range of mounting products that accommodate almost all solar panel configurations. Sol Distribution has partnered with Clenergy so you have access to the best framing products in the market.

We’ve put Clenergy in the spotlight to outline some of the benefits:

Compared to its competitors, Clenergy products are certified by TUV, use Z-Modules on clamps, have a higher wind load of 88m/s and are compatible with frameless solar panels.

The mounting components are made from aluminum and stainless steel which gives it a high corrosion resistance and makes them more resilient to harsh environments.

But just in case, all products have a 10-year structural warranty.

Clenergy’s flexible framing range offers solutions for a broad range of applications, including:

  • PV-ezRack SolarRoof: is a simple framing system for the installation of solar panels flush on metal and tiled roofs and tilted on metal roofs.
  • SolarRoof: non-penetrating clamps can be coupled with PV-ezRack for use on Klip-Lok roofs.
  • SolarTerrace: is an effective framing system for ground mount applications.
  • SolarMatrix: is used for ballast applications on flat concrete roofs which cannot be penetrated.

Clenergy also provides excellent design support to suit any installation

The partnership between Sol-Distribution and Clenergy means our customers can use a reputable product regardless of the environment. The Clenergy range is more resilient to harsh environments and supports a more diversified spectrum of solar applications. With this in mind, our customers can purchase the Clenergy framing system knowing there will be minimal concerns when it comes to installation.

We are pleased to partner with Clenergy and offer their range of products at Sol-Distribution. You can browse the products on our website or contact the sales team on 1300 660 483 for further information.